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Habit tracker - Fitness edition

Habit tracker - Fitness edition

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This journal is designed to help you track your habits and make them better!


What you will find:


  • Weekly habit tracking for water intake, cardio, weight training, food habits and sleep.
  • Weekly check-in for self-reflection.


Why do we need to track our habits?

When we set goals, the only way of knowing how far we are from achieving them is by tracking our progress. I’ve included boxes for “weekly goals” where you can set short-term, smaller goals that you can achieve during the week. For example: increasing cardio time to 15 mins, or drinking 2L of water daily, or losing a kg. At the end of the week, we have a page dedicated to self-reflection where we have room to improve ourselves. Each weekly check-in page has different prompts to help you learn more about your habits and patterns.


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