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Motivated AF- Workout Edition

Motivated AF- Workout Edition

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Want to find the motivation to start your fitness journey? This journal is for you!

What you will find:

Goal-setting: this page is to set your long-term fitness goals. Ideally, you set your goals for the year.
Understanding my goals: journal prompts to understand why you set a certain goal.

My Ideal Daily Routine: this is to incorporate time everyday to work towards your goal. Your daily schedule should have a time slot to work on your fitness goal (for example: 5pm-6pm for the gym/pilates/outdoor run). Your ideal daily routine will be your daily goal.
Meal Planner: to plan your meals for the week according to your fitness goals.
Weekly Checklist: tick off the box for everyday you work on your fitness goal. There are boxes for workouts, meal plan, water intake, and other daily goals you want to tick off!
Daily Routine Planner: plan your day, everyday. Write down your priorities and follow your daily plan! This will help you organize your day and de- clutter your mind so you can dedicate time on a daily to work on your goals.
Monthly Habit Tracker: this is your monthly checklist! Using this, you will be able to review your monthly progress. Tick a box every day you work on your goals.

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